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Are you considering a significant investment? Buying a home or business property is a huge decision. B4U Buy Home Inspections provides the detailed information you need to determine if the property is safe, well-maintained and worth the investment. Our expertise covers every system, to provide you with a detailed report of any issues or concerns. Contact us today for same-day appointments.

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Full-Service Inspectors

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  • Residential home inspection: Avoid surprises with our thorough residential home inspections. We review all the major systems and components of the home, to point out any potential concerns. Our report allows you to enter your investment fully informed of any problems that should be handled immediately or down the road.
  • Home mold inspection: Mold can be a dangerous health hazard. Undetected, it can affect the residents or employees in a property in a variety of damaging ways. It is essential to know if mold is present, to properly remove it before it causes health concerns. Our mold inspection in Peoria, IL will identify any areas of mold concern in your property, to keep you and your loved ones safe.
  • Leak detection: A gas leak can wreak havoc on a property and its inhabitants. If you suspect a leak, or simply want to ensure the property is safe before moving in, contact our leak detection experts. We are your trusted gas leak detector in Peoria, IL. We use leading techniques to determine if your property is experiencing any dangerous gas exposure.
  • Roof inspection: The roof of a building is one of the most important features of the structure. A solid roof is essential for the safety and protection of everything else involved. With our thorough roof inspections, you can rest assured your roof is solid, or be made aware if there are any issues of concern.
  • Asbestos inspection: Does your property contain asbestos? It’s impossible to tell by simply looking. Our trained professionals can sample the materials to properly inform you of what you are dealing with. We can then make recommendations for the best method of care, treatment or removal.

Additional Inspection Services

As your complete inspection experts, B4U Buy Home Inspections also offers:

home-inspection-iconDon’t sign those papers without a complete inspection by B4U Buy Home Inspection. We work around your schedule to provide convenient, top-quality inspections. Contact us today for an appointment at 309-648-0999.

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